About Ronald van den Boogaard

Ronald van den Boogaard

Dutch artist Ronald van den Boogaard (1953) spent most of his life in the commercial arts. In the capacity of illustrator, art-director and web designer he honed his skills for the craft. There were always the sidesteps into autonomous art, which led to (group) exhibitions in a.o. Barcelona, Montreal and his hometown Amsterdam. Paintings and drawings were consequently sold to collectors in Spain, France, Germany, U.S.A, United Kingdom and of course the Netherlands.

“Working in commercial environments, where my job was to solve the visual needs and communication problems led me to believe, quite falsely, that as an autonomous artist I had to solve my own problems. Then there is this point where you realize the untruth of this. An illustration is allowed to have one single interpretation only to deliver it’s message. In independent art this principle does not apply. The role of the spectator is equally as big as that of the creator. Once I realized this, the road was wide open.”

While his earlier abstract work was largely influenced by a visit to 9/11 site a week after its devastation and a very sour divorce, he now returned to figurative observations of modern life, a fascination with the masks of carnival and somewhat mysterious diving ladies. The latter being the answers to the questions that haven’t ben asked yet.

His very distinctive personal style is the glue of these subjects that do seem unrelated at first glance.

Past shows

Work is in various private and corporate collections in a.o. USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands

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